Song of the Thorn Bird

Song of the Thorn Bird

Saturday, August 14, 2010


slow, synchronized to the beating of shared heart
side by side,
wrapped in sorrow’s heavy blanket
grasp the last stolen moment before it takes flight
each gazes into the depths of the other
       no more time
       no more forever

       no refusal
       no struggle
       no silent soliloquies.
       no secret prayers

tear-stained, caressed before gentle exit
all alone
forsaken to the world’s ugliness, emptiness once more
surrenders softly the last vestige of hope
solitary, locks away her heart
      no more time
      no more forever

Monday, July 12, 2010

Magpie Tales

 Summer Reverie

from the vine
in the splendor
     of youth and fullness
all in the name
    of want and satisfaction
by another

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Thursday, July 1, 2010


His kiss
firecracker that bursts from the soul
upon his burning mouth
to her waiting, wanton lips
connecting two
     two bodies, two souls
Her rapture

Post inspired by Magpie Tales.  Go visit and join in the fun today.  This is my first post here in a month and I am so ready to get back into action!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Technology, Technology

Technology, technology
Can be a very good thing.
Explore inner universe,
Allow your soul to sing.

Technology, technology
Can be a maddening force
Break down, lock down
Loss of creativity's power source!

Technology, technology
Marvel and miracle, see?!
Chrysallis to butterfly
My soul once again free.

Ode to a broken down computer that took 29 days to get I might add by my brother-in-law who took pity on me! YAY! I am back!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Barefoot Summer

free, free at last
summer’s started
jump into it fast
ready, open-hearted

kick off those shoes
put on that tank
that’s what I choose
mind goes empty, blank

lounging lazily
pool of azure blue
raspberry tea
the soul to renew.

free, free at last
summer’s started
jump into it fast
ready, open-hearted

inspired by Magpie Tales.  jump into summer by joining the fun!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Catch, Release, and Go Fly a Falcon

“Honey, there are more fish in the sea. Throw that one back and find you a good one.”

Sure, that is what THEY say. You know the ones. Married for eleventy hundred years. Married back when naughty was boys pulling girls' pigtails, men were manly men, and the women cooked three squares a day…instead of opening three square boxes and heating them up (my favorite cooking style to date). And, you met your intended at a social and not via social networking. Married when marriage was truly forever and the photos to prove it were in sepia tone.

I am now nearly 42 and divorced for ten. Fishes my age don’t live too much longer and most don’t stay single that long….well the ones worth catching and keeping anyways. All the others flailing around are charter members of the Catch and Release Program (them being the ones released). There may be “more fish in the sea”, but at my age my sea has shrunk to a bracken fish-hatchery filled with nothing but in-bred options. All the keepers have already swum upstream snatched by all those “fly” fishermen. I am left with those too lazy and too weak to even bother swimming in the right direction out of the tank. Hell, the few that might have gotten caught in some unsuspecting net were tossed back quicker than it takes a fish to flop to his death in a fisherman’s basket.

Just in case you’re wondering, I don’t believe there are any good ones left in the sea…or the hell-hole, water hole I have been floundering in. So I think I might just stop fishing all together. I’m going to take up something more worthy of my time. Like falconry. Now that is something on which I can put my stamp of approval. Hint: in this fable, I am the keen-eyed falcon with the razor sharp talons….watch out my pretty little prey. Here comes the delusioned divorcee.
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Temptation of forbidden fruit, lured to soul-catchers of Ceylon blue
Adonis with raven hair vies to consume completely

Should have been any other,
but not him
any other than him

Refusal to forsake, to turn away, to walk away, to run away
head held high, leaving well enough alone

Should have been any other,
but not him
anyone other than him

Weakness of spirit, caution swayed by the careless madness
longing for tender touch and impassioned embrace

Should have been any other,
but not him
any other than him

Surrender to most primal calling, inner stirrings erupt and unbridled
passion’s denouement, but for a brief and measured time

Should have been any other,
but not him
any other than him

Wreckage from the surrender, hearts shattered, lives razed to ruin
obliteration, all gladly given just for the touch of the youthful god

Should have been any other,
but not him
any other than him