Song of the Thorn Bird

Song of the Thorn Bird

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Upon His Lips

He calls me by name,
The winds carry God’s voice from Heaven.
The sound dancing, caressing my face, my soul,
      He speaks my name.
A single word as proof that he hears me, he sees me, he feels me, and
     I matter.
The others did not speak my name.
     I, an after thought, did not exist.
     I was not real.
His tender mouth creates me into being.
My name upon his lips,
    I am born again with each utterance.
He calls me by name and I am.


Kat said...

Fabulous poetry!! You gave ME an idea as well...I have poems I have done nothing with except make a self-published book out of them. I used to have a web page way back in the 90's. You might have just inspired me as well :)

schererart said...

One word. Beautiful!!