Song of the Thorn Bird

Song of the Thorn Bird

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Silent Man's Song

She found him, she loved him
She, his only dream,
She left him, she broke him
His heart torn at the seam.

Winter came…

He loved her, he hated her
No other would he find,
He damned her, he cursed her
Pushed her from his mind.

Not again…

Closed his heart, closed his soul
No one to come inside,
Kept them out, kept them back
His heart he’d always hide.

Locked away…

He grew up, he spread his wings
As his heart grew cold
He looks back, he looks in
Could he really be this old?

Deep inside…

He seeks more, he needs more
Will he ever believe?
But she quit him, she wrecked him
Long ago, he’d been deceived.

Then, one day,
one day,
one day,

She came back, she found him
Now he, her only want,
She needs him, she loves him
The memories, how they haunt.

Could it be?

He walks away, runs away
Won’t let her come back in,
Flees from her, turns from her
Love, his greatest sin.

Not a chance…

It burned him, it turned him
Out into life’s cold winds,
Opened him, revealed him
‘Twas pain without an end.

Still, today…

He keeps her out, keeps her back
Defends his heart ‘er well,
Stands aloof, and stands alone
The price, he’ll never tell.

But, what if?
What if?
What it?

She yearns for him, she waits for him
Her heart, here to stay,
Longs for him, calls out to him
"What’er the price, I’ll pay.”
“What’er the price, I’ll pay!”


Chrissy said...

Amazing what love can do, huh? It either torments or brings unbelievable joy.... it confuses to no end....

luna12780 said...

That's a bit sad...but true. There are those who can not ever get over being hurt and lock their hearts away. Nice poem, the words, the length, the rhyme. I felt a part of the whole thought you were expressing.

Pam (The Reader) said...

It's a lovely poem Lisa, well written and very nice cadence. Very touching :)

Brian Miller said...

love the pacing of this one lisa...its got a great beat...i just might dance...smiles.

Jingle said...

2 poetry awards,
2 friendship award...
Happy Sunday!
Happy May!

Jingle said...

very beautiful poem,
thank you for sharing!